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Storybook Acres
Disabled Animal
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Where animals live their life with love and care!
4309 Creek Rd
Conneaut, Ohio44030
Our special need animals.  See how they have overcome
their handicaps.  Each animal comes with their own story of
success.  They have overcome some very difficult handicaps to
become happy loving animals.  
Storybook Acres will remain their home; they will never be
given up, and they will never have to start over again.  

We thank everyone who buys our vegetables, our products and
books or gives donations.   Each dollar goes directly for the

The purpose of our rescue is to prevent animal abuse.  We
care for abused, neglected and handicap animals.  Their well
being is our main concern.   
Storybook Acres.  440-228-7990
  • Lowe's
  • Kenneth Scott Foundation a Key Bank Trust
United Animal Nation
  • Greener Pastures Veterinary Hospital and Clinic
  • Jim and Moe Tanner
  • Todd Seyler
  • Happy Trails
  • Jim and Moe Tanner
  • Ramona Hawkins
  • Conneaut Foundation
  • Connneaut Chamber of Commerce
  • Robert S. Morrison Foundation
  • PetCo Foundation
  • Humane Society of United States
Key Bank
  • Pedigree Foundation
  • Walt Disney

  • Thank you for everyone who buys our soaps and storybooks.  Your support
    pays for feed, hay and medical supplies for the babies of Storybook Acres
We support the farm
on sales of our goat
milk soap, lotion,
shampoo and creams
Peace and rest at length have come, All the day’s long
toil is past, And each heart is whispering “Home, Home
at last!

Help us!
She Ra, a German Shepard dog is lost.  She has liver
disease.  I sent her to Ann Arbor, MI for medical
treatment and she left out a back door that was left
open.  She has been missing since 11/18.
She can not metabolize protein and is ill.  She Ra is
very friendly and has been raised several animals.  
Phone me with any information